Why You Should Believe In Generosity

Leroy and BeckyPeople are incredibly generous.

As we put the wraps on Front Range FREEDOM Tour and prepare to crank from Taos to Tucson I continue to be amazed at how freely folks share their time, talent, and treasure.

The FREEDOM Tour team and their supporters donated more than $7,000 (after all expenses) to U COUNT Campaign and their partners at Project Rescue. In human terms, $7,000 pays ALL the yearly expenses—tuition, books, uniforms, housing, food, medical care, everything—for 19 of the 22 children currently housed at Project Rescue’s home in New Delhi.

Our ride wasn’t about miles or dollars, but the folks who supported our team changed the world for 19 kids who have a chance to live free from the tyranny and oppression of sexual slavery.

Our team also sold nearly $1,000 in product from U COUNT Marketplace. Those purchases will help rescued women in India build sustainable businesses and economic independence.

The media narrative tells us we’re mostly selfish, self-centered, and greedy. They’re wrong.

# # #

Rich and treeTwo days ago I announced a plan to handcycle through the desert from Taos to Tucson. I asked for help.

I’ve already received a number of notes from people who took time to contact friends or family along the route. By sharing connections and influence these friends make a priceless contribution to our ability to share our story of hope and possibility.

Each contact represents an opportunity to touch someone who’s searching, wondering if they can face a situation that seems hopeless. The people who made those contacts will likely never know the extent of their impact, but that’s how God works.

He connects you and me, then uses us to expand our circles and touch those who need us. I’m excited to be part of that process. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help.

If you’d like to know how to get in on the fun, click here and see how you can help an old, bald guy handcycle through the desert.

Yeah, it’s insane, but it’s gonna be a blast!

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