Why Doesn’t The Bike Move?

Rich and Becky do some things that just don’t make sense.

Most of the time I just go along. I figure I’m just a dog and they’re smarter than I am. But Rich does this one really dumb thing every winter. Now Becky’s doing it, too, and even a dog can see it makes no sense.

Everyone knows the whole point of riding a bike is going somewhere. When Rich starts filling a water bottle, I get excited because it means we’re going running. It’s one of the greatest things we do together.

But as soon as it gets cold outside, Rich attaches his bike to this device he calls a “trainer.” He fills his water bottle and gets dressed for riding, and I can’t wait to get going. But in the garage, Rich gets on his bike and starts cranking—and the bike doesn’t move!

It’s the silliest thing you’ve ever seen. He cranks away for a long time, the wheels spin, and he sweats just like when we go running. And it all happens in the garage.

Sometimes Rich laughs at me when I just look at him like he’s crazy. He’s sweating and straining, riding a bike that doesn’t move—and he’s laughing at me?

And now Becky has her bike on one of those trainer things. She sits in the garage, just like Rich, and pedals and sweats while her bike sits in the same spot.

I know Becky and Rich are smart, but even a dog knows pedaling a bike that sits in one place makes no sense.

# # #

I can always tell when we’re preparing for another long ride. Apparently this one’s in a place called “Florida” because lately there’s a lot of talk about FLORIDA HOPE TOUR 2013.

I’m excited. I’ve never seen a beach or an ocean, but I’m sure they’ll have interesting smells. And Rich will finally take his bike off that stupid trainer so we can actually run together. Does anyone know about something called an “alligator”? Rich thinks we’ll see one—I can’t wait!

What do you think alligators smell like?

I told you before how a water bottle signals it’s time to run. Usually they contain water, because running makes you thirsty. But Rich says some people are doing something different with water bottles as they follow this ride. Maybe you’d like to try it.

Get a water bottle, and decide to fill it with 1000 pennies or nickels or dimes as you follow our 1000-mile ride.

I’m just a dog, so I don’t understand money, but apparently you can click the chain ring and donate the money from your water bottle to help CONVOY OF HOPE feed hungry kids. Rich says you’ll understand how that works.

You can do this with your family, or put it on your desk at work along with my adorable picture. If you’re a teacher, invite your class to contribute and follow along. I think most folks would like to toss a little change into your water bottle.

So I’ll work on the running part, and maybe you can start filling a water bottle, and together we can help CONVOY OF HOPE make sure some kids have enough to eat.

Now let’s get Rich’s bike moving and go find one of those alligators.

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