The Last Minute?

Politicians and middle school kids apparently have something in common—they procrastinate difficult work, rush to throw something together at the last minute, and blame others when it’s not finished on time. I’m waiting to hear “the dog ate the fiscal cliff bill.”

I read somewhere that today’s the biggest single day of the year for charitable donations. I guess it’s about immediate reward—if you give today, you get the tax deduction immediately.

We don’t feed hungry kids to get a tax break. But perhaps that bit of incentive will encourage you to click the chain ring and help Convoy Of Hope feed more than 125,000 hungry kids every day.

EVERY CHILD MATTERS Matching Challenge

Through December 31, 2012, every donation through RICH’S RIDE will be doubled.

How about getting a water bottle and committing—with your kids or grandkids—to fill it with 1,000 pennies (or nickels or dimes)? Send your pledge today, then make a family project out of meeting it while you follow our journey of hope around Florida.

My chain ring is just about an old guy riding a bike. Yours can change the lives of kids around the world.

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