Do You See What’s Happening?

Jon Swanson wrote a really generous piece last week about the new book. Except it wasn’t really about the book at all.

I first “met” Jon, 300 words at a time, through his blog. I commented a few times, then wrote a couple of guest articles. During the Mississippi River trip, we finally met face–to-face when Jon and Nancy tracked us down on the road somewhere in southeastern Iowa.

This summer we had the opportunity to visit their church in Fort Wayne and spend a Sunday at their home.

I think this whole unlikely story is a snapshot of how Jesus works in our lives. While we get all wrapped up about the “important” stuff, theology and programs and big ideas, He quietly works through ordinary people and events and uses silly things like a handcycle to create relationships.

When we follow Him, Jesus transforms a few insignificant words in cyberspace into a meaningful, rewarding friendship. Lives get changed.

See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19a

Occasionally we see it, this new thing God’s doing, and we’re amazed. But I think it’s always happening, and usually we miss it. And Jesus is okay with that. He’d like our perception, but I think He cares mostly about the changed lives.

I want to be more aware. I’d like to be a bit more conscious of God’s work in my life.

And I want a more grateful heart that says thank-you for what I know He’s doing, every moment, even when I don’t perceive it.

What’s an ordinary situation God might be using in your life right now?

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