Happy Monday.

Today I’m wondering if I chose the correct word-of-the-week…


Here’s what prompted this word—I was flipping television channels and heard this question asked of a guest on a talk show:

Are you really serious about this Christianity stuff?

The interviewer was trying to poke holes in Christian theology using tired old arguments, so I flipped on to something meaningful like sports scores. But if you think about it, the question’s not such a bad one to ask ourselves:

Am I really serious about this Christianity stuff?

Of course I’m serious about it. It’s not even a real question, right?

Then I thought about how I compartmentalize my life, how often I put Jesus over here in the spiritual corner and finances or politics or other  parts of life over there in the “real life” corner.

I know better. I know I can’t really follow Jesus as long as I try to keep Him out of particular parts of my life. Following Him is an all-or-nothing deal.

So, knowing that, maybe it’s not bad to begin the week with sort of a basic question:

Are you really serious about this Christianity stuff?

I am. But I need some serious help; I need help getting serious about taking this Christianity stuff seriously.

Have a great week.

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