Is This Who I Think It Is?

If you’ve read RELENTLESS GRACE, you understand the varied levels of significance embedded in the question, “Is this who I think it is?” 

A lady approached me yesterday and told me that my question has become the opener of her husband’s phone calls to her. She answers, and he responds, “Is this who I think it is?” She finds this small ritual endearing and romantic. (Note to husband: I’m glad I could help.)

As a writer, it’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve crafted a phrase that impacts lives and relationships. I’m touched by the influence of my enigmatic question on this couple–even if it wasn’t really MY question!

Its surprising origin and subsequent transformations drive the mystery and wonder of the tale. Nineteen letters appeared in an unlikely context, prompting an improbable search with a most unpredictable result.

Among other interpretations, I think it’s a question we continually ask of our conscience. I envision the cartoon-inspired image of an angel whispering in one ear and a devil in the other, except that the source of a particular notion is not always clear. Whenever an ethical dilemma tugs in opposite directions, competing emotions prompt contradictory and confusing thoughts.

As we analyze the “right versus wrong” of an idea or course of action, it’s as though we’re asking, “Is this who I think it is?” I hope that the voices I follow lead to right and truth, but I confess that the lines become a bit fuzzy.

Those animated characters whisper to me in sometimes bewildering thoughts. As I strive to identify the proper path, I must consciously question which voice I heed. If I wish to follow God’s way, each voice must pass the test:

“Is this who I think it is?”

What’s a choice that pulls you in different directions? How do you determine the source of the messages that compete for your attention?

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