Why Relentless Grace?

When I tell people I’ve published a book, their first reaction is something between skepticism and astonishment.

Once the shock subsides, they usually want to know what the book is about. That ought to be a relatively easy question. After all, I DID write it.

I usually mumble something about my injury, but that answer never feels quite right. Since the book is now actually out there in the hands of readers, I guess I need to come up with a better response.

I have some ideas, but I’m really curious about your reaction. Please log in and leave a quick comment. I’m anxious to hear your feedback.

If you have read RELENTLESS GRACE, what would you say the story is about?

If you have not read it, what does the title call to mind for you?

Did you enjoy this article? Please leave a comment, visit my website, and/or send me an email at rich@richdixon.net.

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