The Perfect Title

One of the comments people make about RELENTLESS GRACE is that they like the title. I agree that the title perfectly captures the heart of the story, and I wish I could trace the precise process that created it.

Frankly, I wanted to use Amazing Grace, but someone told me that idea was already taken.

 I hate to even recall some of the crazy ideas I considered. Discovering just the right title involves brainstorming, prayer, and listening for inspiration. I knew the final title would have something to do with “grace” because the story centered on that concept.

I made several lists, scoured a thesaurus, and fussed with a number of web searches. Then one Sunday our pastor said the God pursues His people relentlessly, and I immediately knew I had the perfect title.

God is relentless. He refused to give up on me even when I wanted to quit, and He offered abundance and forgiveness I never earned and don’t deserve. Relentless. Grace. That’s who He is and what He did in my life.

Question: When’s a time when God pursued you even though you didn’t want to be caught?


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