Relentless Grace

Cover quote 1Relentless Grace is an uplifting story of hope in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

RELENTLESS GRACE reminds us of God’s faithfulness in the face of our lack of faith, an inspiring, real story of triumph in the midst of tragedy, and a most improbable love story.

In gritty, soul-baring detail, Relentless Grace traces a chilling, unforgettable journey through the depths of despair, depression, and fear. Unflinchingly honest, sometimes humorous, often painful, this true story vividly details a struggle with tragic injury and hopelessness.

No easy answer to suffering, no “read a verse, say a prayer” formula for a happy life, Relentless Grace reminds readers that only God can heal and change people. He alone transforms tragedy into triumph and overwhelms evil with eternal, irresistible good.

This book is ultimately about hope. It’s about God, about forgiveness, about promises made and kept even in the midst of grief and loss. It’s about knowing with absolute certainty that Jesus walks with us, that He knows our pain and fear and will help us not simply to survive but to thrive in the most difficult and overwhelming situations.

Inspirational, encouraging, and gut-wrenchingly real, Relentless Grace will bring laughter, tears, and a renewed sense of God’s presence.

An Interrupted Life

Have you ever wondered why God messed up your plans?

On December 5, 1987, an unremarkable life became a horrific, twisted nightmare. While installing Christmas lights I fell from the roof of my home, shattered three vertebrae in my neck and damaged my spinal cord. I was paralyzed below my chest.

God continued to create good within the horror of a broken life. When I wanted to quit, God showed me a bigger plan. RELENTLESS GRACE portrays an inspirational chronicle of loss and recovery interwoven with the improbable rekindling of a lost love. God’s faithfulness overcame the hopelessness of permanent paralysis.

God Brings Hope To Every Situation

God invites you to give hope another chance. RELENTLESS GRACE is:

  • a story of God’s faithfulness in the face of our lack of faith.
  • an inspiring, real story of triumph in the midst of tragedy.
  • a most improbable love story.

Inspirational, encouraging, and gut-wrenchingly real, Relentless Grace will bring laughter, tears, and a renewed sense of God’s presence.

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Relentless Grace Trailer

Relentless Grace is now available as an audio book. The video below offers a sample of the audio narration of one chapter called Back To School. I hope you enjoy the golden voice of my friend Jim Thurston.

If you’re interested, click here for additional details.



“Like Dixon, most of us can imagine ourselves welling up with self-pity if we suddenly found ourselves paralyzed from the chest down. Dixon has authored this tightly-written memoir with humor, honesty, intrigue, and unsentimental appreciation for the significant people who helped him when he was down – from therapists to smart-aleck middle school students. Most of all, this story brims with hope in an unrelentingly gracious God who won’t let go.” Rev. Mark Stephenson, Director of Disability Concerns, Christian Reformed Church in North America

“In a tale marked by ironic self-reflection, wry humor, and brutal honesty, Relentless Grace takes us along on a gripping search for meaning in the midst of tragedy. Dixon is a disarmingly clever guide, introducing us to unforgettable characters that shape the course of this compelling journey. Crisp, vivid prose unravels a subtle mystery within an emerging sense of hope and rebirth. You’ll chuckle and weep as God’s healing love and unfailing grace paint surprising patterns in an intimate portrait of hard-won understanding. Inspiring, gut-wrenching and beautifully rendered, Relentless Grace is both a moving personal story and a courageous illumination of God’s invitation to give hope another chance.” Jan Coates, Author/Speaker/Consultant,, President and Founder,

“What a journey! Relentless Grace details a desperate search for truth in suffering. Dixon’s story challenged me at so many different levels… my faith, desire, hope, trust and commitments. I am stronger because of the insights embedded within this unforgettable tale. I love the contrasts as despair and hope mingled together to point the way to peace. You will cry, laugh and search deep into your own soul.” Rev. Dary Northrup, Senior Pastor, Timberline Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

“This wonderful book traces the journey of a man who has experienced serious injury in his life and has come back to fully and wonderfully live. RELENTLESS GRACE is not just a story. It’s beautifully written, profoundly moving, and refreshingly honest.” Rev. Jeff Lucas, Best-selling Author

Reader Comments

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your learnings, sorrows, struggles, griefs, joys and hope. I have been touched more than I can say! I was SO moved by your book Relentless Grace and can’t stop thinking about it. (I’m just so sorry that YOU had to experience ANY of this in order that any of it could be shared!) Thank you so much that despite your pain, you have been able to share such an amazing story and perspective! I can’t begin to imagine how you could have done so!)

I thank you, that despite how difficult it must have been putting such struggles and horrors to paper, that you have found the will and strength to do so. For in doing so, you did not let evil have the final word. And because of that, good and peace and joy has come to so many and so many still to come.

Wow! Wow! Wow! These writings are SO powerful! It seems to me that they encompass so completely the questions, sorrows, and pain epxerienced by so many…they seem truly be inspired by God. I can’t help but think that God had a strong hand in this, wanting all those suffering to read! And I mean that sincerely! I especially loved this statement: “No one can take away our power to choose how we will respond!” It was so moving…so helpful…so gut wrenching!!

I couldn’t put it down! What a wonderful book! I loved it. What an incredible story, and I’m glad you felt God’s leading to share it with the world!

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