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One Hand

I’ve been showing you the handprints of our kids. We can’t show their faces. They live in a place where showing pictures, listing names, even naming the country would magnify the danger they already face from the traffickers. So the handprints are a way of creating a sense that we’re personally connected. However, 22 handprints […]

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Prayer And Change

“I’m crazy enough to believe that the prayers of a few hundred people have an impact.” I said that in the middle of this big circle of riders and volunteers before the start of this year’s Freedom Tour Prologue. I believe it, too. Prayer matters. God hears our prayers and wants conversation. The spirit intercedes […]

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When I Feel Angry

Does injustice make you angry? When I see kids abused and abandoned, I feel angry. When I see people homeless and hungry, or imprisoned unjustly, or oppressed because they look or think differently, when I see kids in cages, when I see a legal system that filters folks based on financial means – I feel […]

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Your Job Or Your Life?

Why are you going to Ordway? As people looked at our route map, that was one of the common questions. Ordway is a small ranching community on Colorado’s eastern plains. It’s the pronounced “lump” in our meandering course along the Front Range. Why Ordway? involved an invitation we couldn’t refuse. It’s a long story, but I’d […]

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