Prayer And Change

“I’m crazy enough to believe that the prayers of a few hundred people have an impact.” I said that in the middle of this big circle of riders and volunteers before the start of this year’s Freedom Tour Prologue. I believe it, too. Prayer matters. God hears our prayers and wants conversation. The spirit intercedes […]

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When I Feel Angry

Does injustice make you angry? When I see kids abused and abandoned, I feel angry. When I see people homeless and hungry, or imprisoned unjustly, or oppressed because they look or think differently, when I see kids in cages, when I see a legal system that filters folks based on financial means – I feel […]

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Your Job Or Your Life?

Why are you going to Ordway? As people looked at our route map, that was one of the common questions. Ordway is a small ranching community on Colorado’s eastern plains. It’s the pronounced “lump” in our meandering course along the Front Range. Why Ordway? involved an invitation we couldn’t refuse. It’s a long story, but I’d […]

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How Does Rescue Happen?

How do children come to the HOME OF HOPE? Supporters often wonder how Project Rescue secures the release of trafficked women and children. Human traffickers are dangerous, violent criminals. Many are part of sophisticated, ruthless organized crime operations. Human trafficking generates more than $39 billion in revenue worldwide ($10 billion in the U.S.). It’s the […]

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